Project Schools «Practices of the Future»

The project starts in 2018. One-day and multi-day hackathons, as well as off-site schools, where teenagers are fully immersed in work on a real-life task, are among the most effective formats of project activity. The best teams will be able to participate not only in regular sessions, but also in schools of the federal and international levels.

The aim of the project is to establish a systematic transfer of new technologies to the educational sphere and to support the values of the Kruzhok movement in the community. Within these activities (hackathons and design schools), school children and students will be able to independently design new practices of future that are related to solving acute problems.

How to join:

If you want to become a partner of the school in your region, contact us at The school is conducted in co-financing mode: a part of the budget comes from the NTI, a part should be provided by regional authorities or a partner. A venue suitable for the work of 100 schoolchildren is necessary to organize the school.