The NTI Contest

The project has been developing since 2015.

The National Technology Initiative Contest is organized to help school children interested in engineering enter top engineering universities.

The Contest includes an online selection stage, during which schoolchildren solve tasks individually, a team online stage, and, lastly, an on-site final, during which teams develop engineering solutions in promising areas.

Application period starts in September.

Contest's Community unites:

school engineering teams, which, among all, can work remotely, from different cities,

  • volunteers who are freshmen,
  • preparation venues (kruzhoks, schools, technology parks, universities) and mentors of teams,
  • methodical partner (to become a methodical partner follow the link:,
  • hackathon organizers,
  • partner universities,
  • enterprises of cutting-edge industries,
  • task developers and profile organizers.

You can contact us to discuss other types of cooperation via