The Kruzhok Association

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Our history

The Kruzhok Association was established in the summer of 2017. It is aimed at supporting and developing Russian technology kruzhoks and other organizations of extracurricular education in the field of technology, working in the logic of the National Technology Initiative and the Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of the Russian Federation approved by decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 642 of 1 December 2016.

The founders of the Association have been implementing various projects in the field of new education for many years. In our activities we realized that serious measures have already been taken in this area: networks of platforms for child&adult projects, Centers for Youth Innovation Creativity, “Kvantorium” children's technoparks, STEM centers have all been created). Moreover, national competitions have been developing and unique pedagogical practices appeared. However, the nods of these efforts are unevenly distributed across the country and have very little connection to each other. This leads to a number of typical problems:

  • There are no unified standards, formats or information on any of the available project support opportunities.
  • The children's team involved in a project often understands that in the real world their project is irrelevant. Furthermore, in order to continue their work and obtain strong results children need support of a completely different level.
  • The site that initiated such a project often cannot provide the next level of resources or competencies and has no information on where to direct children further on so that their project does not stop at the level of a report or a prototype.
  • Children who have worked at a field event with real technological challenges sometimes can not apply their project in their home region.

In our opinion, the system lacked a critical element, i.e. a sustainable network, a public organization that should become a circulatory system uniting many enthusiasts and serious players. It should also bring together existing and new projects that are connecting education, science and tech business and providing navigation for children and their projects. Such a network will not only result in a higher quality of education to meet the demand for new professionals, but it will also create a demand for talents and search for niches where they can express themselves and their talents.

The Association aims to unite people from a wide variety of areas who are not indifferent to education: school and university teachers, leaders from institutions of development, representatives of commercial kruzhoks, staff of children's centers. It is important for us that association is the most democratic form of organized entities currently available in Russia. We want it to become the voice of our community in Russia and around the world.

Our objectives and tasks

Our objective: to develop the next generation of Russian entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and managers. The core of this generation will be graduates of kruzhoks - enthusiasts and high level professionals able to conceive, implement and successfully complete projects, create new organizational solutions and tech companies.

The Association aims to unite activists that are highly committed to processes and that truly trust each other. The Association wants to support their regular work and assist in finding financial support for the development of child & adult projects. We hope to create a system through bringing large projects into life.

Association objectives:

  • to organize platforms and prepare agendas for work and communication, including contests, spaces, exhibitions;
  • to assist participants of the Kruzhok movement, to implement and commercialize their solutions, and to promote their ideas;
  • to conduct large events that shape the system and form the community at the same time requiring systemic support: national conferences, forums, competitions, contests, etc.;
  • to provide legal support, assistance in overcoming administrative barriers in different regions;
  • to create financial mechanisms to support the implementation of child & adult projects (to support projects that cannot count on grants and other formats of support from other funds - such as school projects);
  • to support and train mentors for child & adult projects, to popularize the idea of mentoring;
  • to carry out methodological and scientific work, to create a unified standard for educational projects and project training, to scale promising practices;
  • to popularize scientific and technical creativity among wider public, especially among young people;
  • to render information support.

Why to join

  • It is a way to defend our own interests and the interests of the community
  • It is regional community integration (through working groups in branch offices)
  • It is the impact on industry professional standards and existing regulatory framework
  • It is access to training and certification, information support
  • It is extensive partnership network and participation in events organized by the Association
  • It is a database of successful practices
  • It is a pool of partners and experts for your projects
  • It is a way to join like-minded people and co-create new education

How to join

To join the Association please apply using the following link:
The application will be considered by the Association Board.
The founding documents of the Association are available in the "Documents" section.


Entrance fee is:

  • individuals from 14 to 18 years old (non-inclusive) - 0 RUB;
  • individuals from 18 years old enrolled in general, secondary and higher vocational education programs - 500 RUB;
  • other individuals - 1,000 RUB;
  • legal entities - 10,000 RUB.

Annual membership fee is:

  • individuals from 14 to 18 years old (non-inclusive) - 0 RUB;
  • individuals from 18 years old enrolled in general, secondary and higher vocational education programs - 500 RUB;
  • other individuals - 1,000 RUB;
  • legal entities - 10,000 RUB.

New members need to make two payments with the following accompanying text:

  • 1st payment - "Payment of the entrance fee by a member of the Kruzhok Association Ivan Ivanov"
  • 2nd payment - "Payment of the 2018 membership fee by a member of the Kruzhok Association Ivan Ivanov"

Bank details:

Organization Association of Technology Kruzhoks
INN 7714997200
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 771401001
Settlement account 40703810038000006991
Bank: Sberbank of Russia OJSC
RCBIC (Russian Central Bank Identifier Code)  044525225
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 773601001
TIN (Taxpayer Registration Number) 7707083893
Correspondent account 30101810400000000225



Supervisory Board

Boris Nuraliev, Founder of 1C Company

Dmitry Peskov, Director of the «Young Professionals» Division of Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Robert Urazov, Director General of the «Young Professionals» Union (WorldSkills Russia)

Marina Rakova, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation

Irina Potekhina, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation

Denis Kravchenko, Parliament Member in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Evgeny Kovnir, Director General of «Digital Economy» Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Ivan Bortnik, Advisor to Director General of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation