The National Technology Initiative

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About the National Technology Initiative

The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is a long-term complex project creating conditions for Russian companies to become leaders on new high-tech markets that will define global economic structure for the upcoming 15-20 years. Groups of like-minded people are specially created for this program. As their members groups have technological entrepreneurs, representatives of top universities and research centres, major Russian business groups, institutes of development, expert and professional communities as well as interested authorities of executive bodies. In addition, the NTI creates and supports programs on scientific and technological development. It helps shape and communicate requests from potential leaders of new markets to the public policy system.

The NTI focuses on new global markets that will be shaped in 15-20 years. Most markets will be network-based (and will inherit approaches that already exist in the Internet or will use the Net infrastructure). New markets will be human-oriented, a person will be an ultimate consumer. Producer and consumer will be as close as possible to each other on these markets. In the framework of the NTI, Russia will focus its attention on the markets that have a capacity to create new fields in a new technological order. These chosen markets will be relevant from the point of providing national security and high quality life for citizens.

A distinctive NTI feature is that a substantial part of the check-list for Russia to achieve the leadership on new markets is defined by top high-tech businesses. Each market segment is covered by a respective working group. Each working group is headed by a successful technology entrepreneur, an expert in a specific field and a relevant Deputy Minister of a federal executive body. NTI working groups have representatives of business, scientific and educational communities, executive authorities and other interested participants.

At this moment, 12 working groups are functional, they are working on «roadmaps» on the development of 9 perspective markets and 3 cross-market segments. One of them is the Club (or Kruzhok) movement by the NTI. As a result, The Kruzhok movement by the NTI is supposed to bring up competent professionals in different technological areas that can ensure the development of new NTI markets by 2035.

Roadmap of the Kruzhok movement by the NTI

Roadmap of the Kruzhok movement by the NTI was approved by the decision of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernisation and Innovative Development of Russia Presidium on 18 July 2017. Description, goals, key tasks.

Technological thresholds to the Roadmap of the Kruzhok movement by the NTI

Participants of the working group developing and implementing the roadmap of the NTI Kruzhok movement

Dmitry Zemtsov — Leader (co-head) of the working group, Far Eastern Federal University Vice President for Development

Tatiana Sinyugina — Co-head of the working group, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Victoria Saprykina — Executive Secretary of the working group, Director for NTI programs and projects

Nikita Anisimov — Far Eastern Federal University President

Igor Asonov — cooperation program coordinator in the "Sirius" educational center, program manager of the "Sirius" science park  

Anna Bukhalo — Member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, representative of the "Young Innovative Russia" organization

Denis Kravchenko — Parliament Member of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Ilya Kurmyshev — Technological partnership development Director in Russian Venture Company

Mikhail Nasibulin — Head of Incubation program in Skolkovo Foundation

Sergey Nedoroslev — Co-chairman of "Business Russia", All Russian Public Organization

Boris Nuraliev — CEO of "1C Joint-Stock Company"

Irina Potekhina — Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Viktor Pronkin — First Deputy Chief Executive Officer of "Volnoe Delo" Oleg Deripaska Foundation

Marina Rakova — CEO of "New Education Development Forms" Foundation

Alyona Svetushkova — Vice President for social affairs, Rybakov Foundation

Alexey Semyonov — Member of The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),  

Robert Urazov — Director General of the Union “Agency of development of professional communities and skilled workers WorldSkills Russia”  

Alexey Fedoseev — Head of the Kruzhok Association

Artyom Shadrin — Head of Social Development and Innovations Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Shishkin — Director of Department of Infrastructure Projects, Rosсosmos State Corporation

Ivan Yaschenko — Head of the Centre for Teaching Excellence